Application Support


Keeping your existing IT solutions running smoothly is critical to your entire IT operation. It allows you to focus on new projects and avoid damages caused by application failure. CTS reduces the risk of supporting existing systems through a variety of support options and a dedicated Application Support team.


CTS has a proven process to provide Level 2 and 3 Application Support, allowing a client to resolve simple Level 1 issues economically with internal resources. Our support team leverages experience gained with other clients on similar software to improve support capability for your application.


CTS believes that managing requirements is the most important aspect of any software project; all roads must lead to a requirements document. CTS will review your current requirements process and provide guidance on how to improve the process and implement tools to enhance the requirements process.

CTS will review the current state of your development process to help you identify areas needing improvement. CTS consultants will provide an implementation roadmap for you to use as you move forward.

CTS will identify targets for automation within your development teams to create efficiencies and better utilize available resources. CTS will assist in the development of build automation, continuous integration, and continuous improvement.

Does your QA team always know what to test when developers release applications to QA? CTS will show you how to integrate QA throughout the software development lifecycle to enable more precision in your QA process and testing.

CTS will show you how to identify and report against the key metrics of your application lifecycle process to showcase the results of your development efforts.