Application Support


Keeping your existing IT solutions running smoothly is critical to your entire IT operation. It allows you to focus on new projects and avoid damages caused by application failure. CTS reduces the risk of supporting existing systems through a variety of support options and a dedicated Application Support team.


CTS has a proven process to provide Level 2 and 3 Application Support, allowing a client to resolve simple Level 1 issues economically with internal resources. Our support team leverages experience gained with other clients on similar software to improve support capability for your application.


CTS offers application support for newly deployed and existing legacy systems. We use a dedicated support team to provide support and maintenance for several types of applications. These include:

  • Legacy Applications (LEAP) - for clients who have deployed an internally developed software system.
  • CTS-Built Applications - for clients who have completed a software development project with CTS to build a custom app for them.
  • Packaged Applications - for clients with an industry standard software package.

Our support team consists of highly skilled software engineers and managers backed up by proven processes and tools. We are in an ideal position to help clients eliminate the headache and risk of supporting any application systems.

CTS can provide you better support for all of your applications because:

  • We cross-train multiple members of the Application Support team on your application over time, regardless of level, mitigating the risk of having a single knowledgeable resource.
  • We can support peaks in demand by leveraging multiple resources familiar with your application.
  • We track enhancement requests in addition to resolving defects, creating a prioritized list of pre-screened potential improvements to your application that you can choose to implement at your discretion.

The CTS Support Model delivers a number of distinctive benefits, which increase the longer we work together.

  • We fill part-time support needs without the need for you to hire a full-time resource.
  • We respond quickly to vacations, sick time, and the occasional reality of turnover.
  • We eliminate the need for you to retain multiple hard-to-find skillsets on your staff.
  • We protect your application investment by ensuring dedicated maintenance.
  • We maintain application stability and quality by leveraging CTS expertise gained from other clients and applications.
  • We allow you to hire for more creative and appealing application projects.