Software Development

CTS's custom software development capabilities and our employees' skill sets are what set us apart from the competition.


Our employees participate in regular industry training in order to have experience using the latest state-of-the-art technology and our processes are regularly enriched, thus ensuring our clients that we are operating in the most efficient manner.

At CTS, we place a heavy emphasis on custom software development, breaking the development phase of each project into a number of build cycles. For each identified build, we develop the code, perform implementation and unit testing, and formally deliver the build to the Quality Assurance (QA) group for testing. We collaborate with our clients to determine and plan solid strategic approaches to adopting technology, develop custom
software that is appropriate for each project, and make sure our solutions meet our clients' needs.

 CTS can provide the following professional services to help deliver your software development needs:


CTS exercises a disciplined approach to the development of enterprise-ready software. Our focused emphasis on sound engineering practices drives the success of our solutions. Because we understand that quality is no accident, our Sentinel methodology includes proven steps to ensure that our solutions resolve the problems facing our clients. CTS has expertise in various thechnologies from industry leading vendors, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, as well as those available in the open source community, such as Mono, MySQL, and PHP. CTS will work with you to identify the right technological fit for your individual solution to help you deliver scalable and highly available enterprise-ready software.


CTS believes that successful IT solutions begin with a solid understanding of the business, its goals and objectives, and its current operating environment. This focus allows us to create solutions that eliminate current limitations so that our customers can achieve their full potential.


CTS has honed its business analysis methodologies through years of experience to effectively and efficiently:

  • Identify the client's business goals, objectives, and needs
  • Understand the current business processes
  • Determine the problems with the current environment and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Define a new solution that meets the client's business needs and delivers real business value
  • Determine the gaps between the current environment and the new solution, and develop an appropriate implementation plan

Many businesses have been burned by IT projects that have taken far longer than expected, went over budget, and delivered products that failed to generate value. One of the reasons our customers love working with CTS is the clarity that our business analysis methods provide. Before producing a single line of code, each customer fully understands the cost, value, and risks of the proposed solution. The result is a plan that the customer can believe in.

As your business grows, so will your IT footprint, whether you like it or not.


Unfortunately, many organizations in today's fast moving business environment cannot keep pace with the growing demands of their IT infrastructure. These companies waste billions of dollars in outdated and inefficient processes, underused and overpriced technology, and poor communication between IT and the company's leaders. CTS strategic technology planning service specializes in assessing the IT needs of your company, and can formulate a Strategic Technology Plan that will bring your IT department's strategy in line with your business objectives.

CTS strategic technology planning consultants will sit with key business and technology stakeholders to assess the most critical needs of your business, define new applications that can increase productivity, identify existing applications that can decrease cost, define best practices that make your IT department more reliable and predictable, and identify leadership structures to conduct oversight and monitor progress. CTS strategic technology planning consultants will present all these objectives in a format that is informative and comprehensible to both executive leadership and IT team members.

Identifying an organization's needs is not nearly enough, however. Once CTS strategic technology planning consultants identifies your key IT goals, we will draft an implementation plan that will serve as a roadmap to internal IT staff, software development teams, finance, and upper management. Your Strategic Technology Plan will include specific plans for each goal identified in your needs assessment, performance milestones used to track progress toward those goals, and estimated cost of purchase and implementation.

A world-class business needs a world-class IT department. CTS strategic technology planning consultants will get you there.

At CTS, we believe information is a corporate asset that should be provided by core enterprise systems, accessible to individuals, and delivered through services. These are the foundation principles of an enterprise quality integration platform.


Why is integrating enterprise systems important? Does your inventory management system exchange information with your enterprise reporting platform? Are you able to exchange information with external parties? Does migrating from one custom application to another cause issues because dependent applications are tightly coupled? If you are facing these questions, then you no doubt have felt the pain associated with an organization that lacks application integration.

At CTS, we understand these challenges and have the knowledge necessary to help you overcome them. At CTS, we have experience ranging from integrating two applications for a small enterprise to hundreds of systems for the Fortune 500 and everyone in-between. CTS has accumulated thousands of hours providing custom solutions to their integration needs. CTS applies its Sentinel Application Integration methodology, relentless attention to quality, and years of experience to help our customers beat the challenges of integration.

CTS can provide the following professional services to help deliver your integration needs:

Service Bus Delivery
Drawing on our experiences with traditional enterprise application integration, the concepts of service-oriented architectures, the evolution of the enterprise service bus and cloud-based integrations, CTS has a deep pool of knowledge and experiences to help your organization implement an integration platform. Our Service Bus implementations allow clients to reap the benefits of integrating best-of-breed applications.

Integration Infrastructure Services
Most of us pay little attention to the electrical grids that provide power to our homes. We only think of them when they do not work.

The same can be said about your enterprise integration layer; no one thinks about it until business users cannot access information or applications are not delivering services. CTS can help your enterprise with the planning and deployment services necessary to build a robust integration infrastructure.

Let CTS help you maximize your integration services uptime and eliminate service outages.

Cloud Deployment Planning Services
If your organization is interested in exploring the many cloud computing services, CTS can provide assistance in the discovery, planning, and implementation phases of your cloud computing endeavors.

CTS has a wide range of expertise in the many cloud computing platforms and CTS can guide your enterprise through the many challenges that face organizations leveraging cloud computing. CTS also has a deep understanding of integration within an organization and we have the ability to merge these knowledge bases to delivery enterprise quality, cloud-based solutions.

Let CTS help your integration infrastructure become enterprise designed and enterprise delivered.

Are you, like many businesses, tired of:

  • Projects consistently costing more than budgeted?
  • Missing requirements or setting poor client expectations?
  • Defects causing issues with production applications?
  • Unexpected delays in software development projects?
  • Loss of Faith in your IT organization?
  • Spending more time supporting your application and not enhancements?

With more and more demand from business users for technology, efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings are at the forefront of all IT decision makers' minds. At CTS, we believe that having the right tools to support your process can improve team efficiency and effectiveness and reduce IT costs. Once effective tools are in place to govern the software development lifecycle, efforts can then focus on the improvement of specific areas, such as enforcing coding best practices, automating configuration management, and enabling test impact analysis.

CTS has experience implementing application lifecycle improvement in situations that range from two-man development teams to enterprise software development departments with hundreds of team members. We apply our Sentinel and Guardian methodologies, relentless attention to quality, and years of experience to help our customers deliver enterprise quality software.

CTS can provide the following professional services to help improve your application development process:

Requirements Management Process
CTS believes that managing requirements is the most important aspect of any software project; all roads must lead to a requirements document. CTS will review your current requirements process and provide guidance on how to improve the process and implement tools to enhance the requirements process.

Application Lifecycle Assessment
CTS will review the current state of your development process to help you identify areas needing improvement. CTS consultants will provide an implementation roadmap for you to use as you move forward.

Deployment Automation
CTS will identify targets for automation within your development teams to create efficiencies and better utilize available resources. CTS will assist in the development of build automation, continuous integration, and continuous improvement.

Quality Assurance Integration
Does your QA team always know what to test when developers release applications to QA? CTS will show you how to integrate QA throughout the software development lifecycle to enable more precision in your QA process and testing.

ALM Reporting
CTS will show you how to identify and report against the key metrics of your application lifecycle process to showcase the results of your development efforts.